Customer Service

Companies today have mission statements, vision statements, and customer focus group. Yet relatively few organizations consistently deliver a truly excellent service experience to customers.



Excellent customer service has its roots in specific communications, interpersonal skills that have been proven to work time and again in real time customer situation. However the secret behind the success is not only the “courtesy” or “attitude” but the system behind the service.


Our careful combination of people, services and technologies creates a highly customizable program of customer. Our goal is to help move your customers from satisfied to loyal to being an advocate for your brand. Our culture, people, processes and technology all support that goal.


The systems behind is our recruiting, training, operation management processes help getting the right people for different customer needs. Our training facilities, dedicated trainers, and customized training programs prepare our agents meeting the customer satisfaction metrics you specify. Our technology helps us to cost-effectively improve both the quality and efficiency of every customer interaction. Base’s Call Center skills-based routing algorithms deliver customers to the right queue based on any number of criteria, using data from any database systems provided by customer or our designed solution or through information entered via the IVR. Finally, our comprehensive report system provide customer the power to measure the customer experience, agent experience and drill-down or roll-up layers of information to evaluate each and every detail, starting from an overall basic picture to the minutest detail of each and every call that comes in, out, or across the contact center.

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