Contact Center Implementation

You're planning to deploy a Contact Center system to improve customer service, executing a marketing campaign for new products or replacing the old system which is outdated and inefficient at reasonable cost? Base is a reliable partner to advise and implement an effective solution for you in any needs



Because your customer contact center need to work effectively and can be a source to increase sales, the system should be designed to operate efficiently:

  • Calls are intelligently routed to the most suitable agents to ensure customer's problems are resolved quickly, minimizing the transferred calls or hold calls
  • Some services can be answered automatically to save human resource cost
  • Full reporting system to ensure effective human resources utilization as well as refining the rational flow of calls
  • Integration with available applications and business workflow to improve the effectiveness of customer contact centers


Base will work closely with clients through the important steps of the project including survey, assessment, design and implementation. It is important to ensure the project is on schedule and meet the requirements. Factors to consider:

  • System high availability:  will the system be designed with redundant capability? Do we need DR implementation to ensure continuous operation?
  • Distributed or centralized model?
  • Call Center is or in-bound or out-bound or both ?

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